HECF600016ST-1000W Special pipe cutter

Equipped with imported IPG lasers, fiber transmission system and focusing system, height inductive control system, 6000mm mobile rotating jaw self-centering jig synchronously rotating hollow centering device, the laser head movement shaft helical gear rack drive machine tools, cooling system, air filtration and drying system, Adopts HE control system,non-contact laser processing, can meet the requirement of circular ,elipse and square pipe cutting, hole patterns and slitting requirements. Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel and many other materials. This type of special pipe cutting machine,not only save production mold costs, but also shorten development time ,that contributes to flexible manufacturing. Suitable length 6000mm, thickness of pipe less than 3mm, tube diameter Ф20mm ~ Ф130mm.


Type HECF600013ST-500W  HECF600013ST-1000W
Output power 500/1000W
The medium of laser diode-pumped continuous yb-doped fiber
Laser wave length 1070nm
Power 380V/50HZ
Cutting area 6000mm(length)*160mm(diameter)
Max cutting speed 18m/min  24m/min
Cooling method Water cooling
Driving System Imported servo motor
Min line Width less than 0.125mm
Cutting thickness(according to material)    0.2-5mm (500W)                0.2-8mm(1000W)    
Continuous working time        24hours