CNC Technologies Supplies and Installs Lotus Laser Systems throughout Africa.

Lotus Laser Systems are a globally represented brand wholly owned by Laserite Ltd, a UK company that has been 100% specialising with laser cutting and marking machines for more than 20 years.

They have the experience, technology and the capability to deliver & support laser cutting and marking solutions providing for the majority of your requirements.

Incorporated in 1995, their business has evolved through each sector of the supply chain: firstly as laser users then distributors for two major global laser brands.

Since 2004 they have been designing and manufacturing systems in their own right. Few, if any, of the major suppliers can claim such a history or have first-hand experience, as they do, with the many challenges that laser users encounter.

This almost unique history helps them and us better understand the needs of our customers and how best to deliver solutions to their problems.

Their products range from simple to the most complex, fully automated solutions and provide TOTAL SOLUTIONS FOR LASER CUTTING & MARKING APPLICATIONS


With power options ranging from 30w-115w, our Blu RF laser cutting & engraving machines are fitted with industry leading Synrad CO2 laser sources. Their all metal tube design has allowed for proven operating times in excess of 45,000 hours.


The Blu RF systems offer customers the chance to get a metal tube, RF system at an affordable price. The quality of cutting and engraving results combined with its reliability make the Synrad laser source difficult to beat.


The quality of the system is backed up by a 2 year warranty including the laser source. We also offer comprehensive support contracts for customers who want to benefit from the assurance of having one of our fully trained engineers on site whenever necessary.